Monday, October 13, 2014

Letters K and L

What a fun October we are having! We are settling into our Preschool routine and learning SO much. 

With the weather getting colder remember to dress your child warm enough that they will not freeze outside.  Jackets are a must most days.  Some kids are ready for gloves.   Make sure all items worn to school are labeled with your child's name.  I promise I will not be able to remember all 36 kids things.  My brain will fail.  Also check your child's cubby for extra clothes.  Make sure they are a size that fits and that you have swapped out summer for fall friendly clothes.  Nothing worse than a kid having to wear shorts in December because they didn't get switched out.

This week we are learning letters K and L.  Make sure to help your child find something that starts with these for sharing on Friday. 

Thanks to all who bought stuff at the Bake/Craft Sale.  The proceeds will go towards our Halloween Carnival which will be on Wednesday October 29th.  Watch the office for more info.  They also usually have parents sign up to bring treats for the cupcake walk so look for that.
 Have a Great Week!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Letters I and J

This week we are learning Letters I and J.  Take some time at home this week to look for things that start with our letters.  Choose one for sharing this Friday.

This Friday the school is having a  Bake/Craft Sale.  We  are trying to raise some money to help pay for our Halloween Carnival. The teachers will bring yummy treats and crafts for you to purchase.  This allows us to offer the Carnival free of charge.

The Carnival will be Wednesday December 29th from 6-8 pm.  The school will close at 5 that day in order for us to set up.

Please continue to help your child wash their hands as they arrive.  We want to keep as many germs out of school as possible.  Have a great week!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Letters E and F this week

Hello, Hope everyone had a great weekend.  This week we are learning the Letters E and F.  That means for sharing on Friday please help your child find something that starts with one of those letters.  We will be learning all about what Fall is this week.  If you get a chance you should take your child on a drive up the canyon to see all the fall colors.  When I was up there this weekend the leaves were already looking amazing. 
A big thanks to those who have donated supplies or money to our classroom.  We very much appreciate it! Parent involvement really helps make our school better. 
Here are a few pictures from Friday.  We had a lot of fun with apples. We learned all the parts and colors of apples.  Teacher Diana brought a bunch of apples from her trees and we made Yummy applesauce and ate it warm with Vanilla ice cream.  We used apples to print some beautiful artwork.  We had some awesome cooperation in the block area! They worked so well together building an apple orchard. We sorted apples by color and played with playdough and tried to make apple pies. Apples are always fun to explore!. 

Have a Great Week!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Playdough Day and Letter D Day

Thanks so much to everyone who brought Playdough for National Playdough Day! We had so much fun playing with all the bright colored dough.  It  was so great to have nice new playdough :) We read Mmm Cookies by Robert Munch which is all about Play Clay Cookies, which fit nice with Letter C day. 

 We also did letter D.  We played with dinosaurs and Dominos, Dotted D's and became Donut Detectives.  We also danced our wiggles out with bells and music.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Letters C and D

Hello Parents.
We are having such a fun school year so far.  Letters have officially started.  A and B sharing went awesome on Friday. I think we had 2 things starting with A and 20 things starting with B. 
This week we are learning C and D.  That means we will do our C handwriting on Tuesday and our D handwriting on Wednesday.  If your child misses those days I try to put one in each cubby so you can do it at home with them.  Remember sharing on Friday.  Please help your child find things around the house that start with C and D this week and find one to bring for sharing on Friday. 
We had a super fun Magic Treehouse Adventure last week.  I am sure you all heard about mummies and getting wrapped up in toilet paper Because my camera is SUPER old I only got a few pictures before it died. We explored tombs, built pyramids, read books about mummies and wrapped ourselves and stuffed animals in toilet paper. 

Looking forward to another great week!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and a Teddy Bear Picnic in Photo

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Day

Teddy Bear Picnic!