Monday, October 13, 2014

Letters K and L

What a fun October we are having! We are settling into our Preschool routine and learning SO much. 

With the weather getting colder remember to dress your child warm enough that they will not freeze outside.  Jackets are a must most days.  Some kids are ready for gloves.   Make sure all items worn to school are labeled with your child's name.  I promise I will not be able to remember all 36 kids things.  My brain will fail.  Also check your child's cubby for extra clothes.  Make sure they are a size that fits and that you have swapped out summer for fall friendly clothes.  Nothing worse than a kid having to wear shorts in December because they didn't get switched out.

This week we are learning letters K and L.  Make sure to help your child find something that starts with these for sharing on Friday. 

Thanks to all who bought stuff at the Bake/Craft Sale.  The proceeds will go towards our Halloween Carnival which will be on Wednesday October 29th.  Watch the office for more info.  They also usually have parents sign up to bring treats for the cupcake walk so look for that.
 Have a Great Week!

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